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Other credit card websites

For useful information on how to prevent card fraud, visit Cardwatch.

The official Chip and PIN website. Instead of signing a paper receipt to verify a card payment, you now enter a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Find the best credit card rates with, a credit card comparison site.

Search for the Best Credit Card Deals. Interactive credit card comparison tool, also news and features.

Credit Cards For People with Bad Credit - Site aimed at individuals with a poor credit history.


With so many different mortgages available, finding the best one can be a little bewildering. A mortgage broker who have access to the whole market can offer impartial advice and suggest the best options available to you. Visit

With a personal loan you can usually borrow up to around 20,000 for anywhere between six months and 10 years depending on your credit status. It's important to find the best personal loan deals as rates vary significantly from lender to lender.