Credit Cards with Loyalty Rewards

See who offers the best credit card reward scheme

The basic principle is that you accumulate points as you spend with the credit card. The points are converted into some sort of reward. These could involve anything but typically would be AirMiles and shopping vouchers etc.

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Is a credit card rewards scheme a good reason to pick your plastic?

If you pay the balance off on your credit card in full every month and in doing so avoid incurring interest charges or other fees, it's clearly worth looking into what other benefits you can get from using your card. For instance if you commute long distances and spend a significant amount on petrol or diesel each month, buying your fuel on a reward credit card would enable you to rack up reward points to redeem for shopping vouchers, Airmiles or some other product or service. If you're not confident you can pay off your balance in full, you should pick a card with the lowest interest rate rather than the best credit card reward deals.